July 21, 2015

[Ep. 10] Moving Away & Starting Over

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I know I mentioned in episode 1 that I wouldn’t be doing any crazy long monologue podcast episodes…but I lied. I’ve blogged about my experience moving away from my hometown and starting over in Toronto, but I just felt like since this is such a big part of who I am now — I needed to do a podcast episode about my experience as well.

I mentioned a ton of blog posts in this episode to give you a full timeline and understanding of what went down, so brace yourself for the longest list of blog post links ever!

I’m not gonna write too much more because you really do just need to listen to the episode. I’d love to hear from any of you about your experiences, or make sure to send me your feedback in the form of a Stitcher and iTunes review! I’ll thank you by giving you a shout-out and reading your review on a future episode, so thanks in advance!

My Trip to Thailand & Budget Breakdown

My Journey from Vancouver to Toronto

My New Life in Toronto

Jump Starting My Career in Toronto

Do you have a similar story of moving away from your hometown and starting over? What was your experience like?

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