On our last two days in Bangkok, we made sure to visit one of Thailand’s biggest historical attractions, The Grand Palace. Back in the day the King used to live there but now it’s just full of sweaty tourists. Also, in case you plan on going there, you must dress modestly to gain admittance.  If you come wearing shorts or a tank top, you’ve got to borrow clothes from venue, so ya, bring a sarong or some pants with you. And if you need to go to the bathroom, I hope you don’t mind a squat toilet (or squatties as me and the gang used to call them in The Gambia). I’ve had quite a bit of experience with them so I was okay, but I’d be lying if I said I never accidentally peed on my foot.

Now, The Grand Palace is just that: Grand. It’s huge and the architecture is just amazing. It really makes you realize how young Canada and America are. We don’t have hundred year old palaces made of gold! I probably took 100 photos just of the tops of all the buildings inside, but this is by far my favourite photo. Not bad for an automatic point-and-shoot.

On day 6 we went to this place called the Sampran Rose Garden. It’s kind of like a big activity centre where you can learn how to cook Thai dishes and make some Thai crafts, but unfortunately we got there late so we could only do that afternoon session which was actually pretty cool.

They put on a big performance illustrating Thai history and the origins of many of their traditions which included an elephant show! Though I did feel a bit bad for the elephants. They looked kind of sad, but then again, they are probably treated better there than up north hauling logs.

After that, we went to get Thai massages at a place Josh’s friend Tee recommended. It was 2 hours and was incredibly painful. But, on the upside, it only cost $15 and I’m pretty sure my body needed it. Essentially a Thai massage is someone doing yoga to you. I’d do it again, though maybe only 1 hour next time.

Here’s what we spent on both days 5 and 6:


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