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I'm a money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, and host of the More Money Podcast...
but you can call me Jessica

As you may have guessed, I've got a passion for personal finance and teaching others

Ever since I discovered the transformative powers of financial literacy over 12 years ago, I've been on a mission to help Canadians take control of their lives by taking control of their money.

From an early age, I’ve always been very conscious of my relationship with money. Mainly because I never had a lot of it. I never got an allowance, I started working at the age of 15 and I paid my way through university without any financial assistance (save for a $5,000 student loan in my last year of school).

Once I finished my degree and got my first real job, I realized that I needed to be more than just frugal to afford the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. I needed to learn all the ins-and-outs of financial planning and building wealth to reach my full potential. 

After years of self-educating and creating financial literacy content on top of my day job, in 2017 I took a big leap of faith and quit my budding marketing career to start my own financial education company — MoorMoney Media Inc. Seven years in, and I'm now one of the leading financial educators and money experts in the country and am currently writing my first book with HarperCollins Canada (2025).

A Little About Me

To learn a bit more about me, my personal finance journey, and some of my go-to money tips, check out my profile in MoneySense.

My Mission

When I started my first blog in December 2011, I was just looking for a creative outlet and a way for me to keep myself accountable with my finances. I had no idea how much my voice would resonate with so many others looking for the exact same thing.

Cut to over a decade later and my platform has evolved into one of the leading financial education resources in the country. Now, my main focus as the go-to millennial money expert in Canada is to help you get the same support and guidance I was desperate for when I first started out in an easy-to-understand, non-judgemental way.

I want to help you get on track so you can afford the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of too. A great way to start is by enrolling in my Wealth Building Blueprint for Canadians course, checking out my podcast or YouTube channel, or becoming a member of my free resource library.

Although I started out reading books and blogs to educate myself, over the past several years I’ve been dedicated to getting the proper credentials to better serve Canadians looking for financial guidance. That’s why I achieved the following accreditations and certifications and am currently pursuing my Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation:

  • Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® designation (Jan. 2018)
  • Canadian Securities Course® certification (Oct. 2020)
  • Financial Services Advice certification (April 2021)
  • Advanced Financial Advice certification (Nov. 2022)
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics certification (Feb. 2023)

For a full view of my education and credentials, visit my LinkedIn.

I’ve also been writing about personal finance since 2011, have interviewed hundreds of financial experts on my podcast since 2015, have been a sought-after public speaker since 2016, and regularly appear as a Canadian money expert on major news outlets.

My Credentials & Experience

I love to work with brands that I believe in and share helpful tools, information and deals with my audience. If you have a partnership opportunity you know we'd be a great match for, please get in touch with my agent Jeff Lohnes at the Talent Bureau.

To give you an idea of brands that I’ve worked with in the past, here are some examples: CIBC, TD Bank, RBC, BMO, AMEX, Capital One, Tangerine, PC Financial, Simplii, EQ Bank, DUCA, Meridian Credit Union, Wealthsimple, Quickbooks, and CDIC.

I’m on a mission to educate everyone from university students to seasoned professionals about the power of personal finance. I sincerely believe that once you take control of your money, you can take control of your life and the possibilities are limitless.

To enquire about booking me for an upcoming speaking engagement or to host your next event, please contact my agent Jeff Lohnes at the Talent Bureau.

Work with Me

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