Episode 110: How to Earn Extra Income by Getting a Side Hustle with Nick Loper

Jun 2, 2017

It seems like everyone has a side hustle these days, or is thinking about starting one. Which is why I thought the perfect guest to have on the Mo’ Money Podcast would be Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation. I met him after I spoke at FinCon’s Ignite last year, and I was in total awe of his podcast and the insanely loyal audience he grew. But the best thing is, he’s seriously the nicest, humblest guy! Continue Reading

Episode 108: Financial Literacy for Teens with Eva Baker

May 17, 2017

Eva Baker headshot, TeensGotCentsUnlike many teens her age, Eva Baker started to get interested in personal finance at the young age of 16. She started listening to Dave Ramsey’s teachings, and got hooked. But what she soon realized is there was a ton of information out there on how to fix your financial woes, but not a ton on how to avoid them when you’re a teen and just starting your own personal finance journey. Continue Reading

Episode 107: How to Hustle to the Top with Codie Sanchez

May 10, 2017

Time and time again, I get people asking me how the heck I managed to work full-time for 5 years while growing my side hustle. Looking back after now being self-employed for over 4 months, I don’t really know. All I can say is I hustled like crazy because deep down I knew I was working towards something big and special. Continue Reading

Episode 88: Listener Series – How to Dress for Success on a Budget with Christina Proctor

Feb 2, 2017

When podcast listener Christina Proctor emailed me about her story and how she became a style coach, I knew I needed to chat with her for a Listener Series episode. I am probably the least fashionable person around, but that doesn’t mean I want to be! So When Christina said she could share her expertise on building a solid wardrobe on a real person’s budget, I got pretty excited. Continue Reading