My boyfriend and I left Vancouver at about 11am on Monday, Jan. 7, and didn’t get to Bangkok until about midnight on Jan. 8. Because of the long flight and the time difference, we basically spent two days traveling. Hey, I’m not complaining. I’m actually one of those weird people who loves being on a plane: bad food, in-flight movies and all! Then again, before this the longest flight I had ever been on was 9 hours. We flew 11 hours from Vancouver to Tokyo, then had to rush off the plane to catch our next 6 hour flight to Bangkok. All I got to see was the Tokyo washroom.

After flying for what seemed a lifetime, and watching three movies and the entire second season of Episodes, we arrived in Bangkok and were picked up by my boyfriend’s friend Tee to drive us to our hostel.

It was so great to finally meet Tee as I’ve been hearing all about him for almost 6 years, but honestly the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. I mean have you ever been so tired you wanted to scratch your eyes out? I don’t know, my eyes just got super itchy after flying for so long. I blame the air in the plane. The minute we walked into our room I passed out until the morning.

The next day we woke up to the bustling sounds of Bangkok traffic and beautiful sunshine! I had been so desperate to see sun since September I just couldn’t wait to soak it all up! We ended up staying at this place called the Silom Art Hostel, and it was super cool looking. And reasonably priced for a nice single room (not shared) with air-conditioning. It cost us 1200 baht which translates to $40.


Since we were both really jet lagged in the morning, we didn’t make any plans for the day but instead ventured out for some breakfast curry (something I eventually got used to), went back to our hostel for a nap, then were picked up to go to Tee’s house where we stayed for almost a week.

We got to meet Tee’s wife Pook, and his two boys Pan and Poon who were super adorable and huge Star Wars fans. Before dinner we gave them some gifts from Canada as a thank you for having us stay with them and also because gift giving is customary when visiting someone in Thailand.

I guess I was more jet lagged than I thought because after dinner I said I was just going to take a cat nap but ended up falling asleep in my clothes at 7pm and not waking up until 10pm! That was one long nap! After that night I got a bit better, though I still found I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 11pm.

Ok, so that’s basically what happened at the very start of our trip. Nothing incredibly exciting, but it gets better! As for the money side of things, here’s what we spent:


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