Our flight from Chiang Mai was super early in the morning. Even still, I was on a reading roll and read Tuesdays With Morrey from start to finish by the time we arrived in Bangkok. I sure wish that motivation to plow through a pile of books continued after I got home! 

Once we got back to my BF’s friends house where we were staying the night, I took a nice power nap before we set off for Khao San Road. It’s known as a backpackers Mecca in Bangkok because, well, that’s where all the backpackers usually stay, eat, drink, and party.

When my BF went to Thailand the first time, he absolutely hated it there. It was too busy, there were too many drunk tourists, and it just left a bad taste in his mouth. But I really wanted to visit it before we left since it’s such a landmark, so we decided to have lunch there. Well, as expected, it was somewhat similar to Patong Beach. We had lunch and a few beers, looked at a few clothing stalls, then took a tuk tuk back home.

That night my BF’s friend recommended this German brewpub that also had live performances. Feeling that we could not pass up an opportunity to try German-style Thai beer and a show, we headed to Tawandang German Brewery and were not disappointed.


The show was amazing. My BF works in live sound and has seen more shows than I can count and even he was impressed with the quality of the production. If you get the chance, make sure to check this place out if you ever go to Bangkok. Also, you can get a tower of beer!


The next day we thought we’d treat ourselves and get some massages, aromatherapy this time (those Thai massages still had us a bit sore I think). It was a bit more expensive, but super relaxing.

However, when we got there we had to fill out a few forms saying what areas we wanted our masseuses to focus on (I said feet and legs, and my BF said back and shoulders), and I am almost positive they got our forms mixed up because my masseuse spent almost the entire hour on my back and shoulders. Oh well, it was still cheaper than getting a massage at home so we both couldn’t complain that much.

That night by my BF’s friend treated us and put us up in the St. Regis Hotel as a farewell present. It was by far the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I mean, look at the rooftop pool for heaven’s sakes!


The 20 or so hour trip home certainly wasn’t as luxurious as our last night’s stay, and the week long jet lag afterwards definitely sucked after coming home from one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, but all in all I am so glad I jumped on a plane already and went somewhere I never thought I would.

Here’s a look at what we spent those last few days:


And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (drum roll please…), here’s what it cost me and my BF to visit Thailand for almost a month!

Not bad I think. My initial trip budget was at the most $3,000 so I am technically under budget. Also, we definitely did not do this trip on the cheap. We could have looked for cheaper accommodations and taken buses instead of planes, but I honestly don’t regret spending a penny.

Thanks for reading about my trip everyone, even if did take almost two months to do it!

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