We spent the rest of our time in Ko Lanta at the Amantra Resort & Spa, and this was the view from the pool. We spent a bit of time here, but on day 11 we stupidly didn’t reapply our SPF 50 sunscreen (yes, we are pale and need SPF 50), and of course got sunburnt.

I was so mad at myself too. The one thing that I’ve been trying prevent ever since I got engaged was getting a crazy tan line, especially on my shoulders since my dress is strapless. And where do you think I got my burn 3 months before my wedding? And man did it hurt like hell too. 


Luckily it doesn’t look that bad now, but I think I may have to go to a tanning salon soon to even it out before the big day.

Despite our burns, and wasting all of day 12 locked in our room healing, on day 13 we went to go see a Muay Thai fight on the island with my BF’s friend. Muay Thai is boxing with kicking basically, and Muay Thai in Ko Lanta is boxing with kicking and children. These kid fighters I swear were 12 or 13 years old, but man did they not hold back!.


And there were many fights too (I think 7 maybe?). Each round was 2 minutes, and there were about 10 rounds per fight, so we definitely got our money’s worth that’s for sure.

The next day we left for Phuket and my BF’s friend left us to go to Ko Pi Pi (the island from the movie The Beach, and a notorious party island). The weird thing about the ferry this time was after about an hour on the sea, our ferry pulled up next to another ferry, and we were forced to jump onto the next ship to get to Phuket.

I am so glad no one fell in, but it was definitely one of those moments where my BF and I both thought to ourselves “This would never fly in North America.” More on our time in Phuket and our adventure to find the big golden Buddha on Wednesday!

Here’s what we spent on days 11, 12, and 13:


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