Tomorrow is Canada Day. Not only does July 1st mark the day Canada was born, but it’s also my HB and I’s one year anniversary of moving to Toronto from Vancouver. It’s crazy to think that one year ago we were driving down Bloor Street with all of our belongings stuffed into my HB’s tiny hatchback, in complete awe of how huge Toronto was.  Just to give you an idea of what I mean, Vancouver has a population of 578,000 whereas Toronto’s population is 2.5 million. To say the least we felt like small fish in a big pond.

Fast forward one year and a lot has changed. Although I still use my phone to help me figure out where I’m going, I feel really comfortable navigating Toronto’s major neighbourhoods. I also remember thinking the subway was so intimidating, but having used it every day for a year, I don’t even think about it anymore. And although the winter was literally the worst winter I’ve ever experienced, the summer more than makes up for it. Since the beginning of June it’s been hot and sunny and absolutely perfect.

So what major life changes have happened since we got here? Well, I guess the big one’s for me are that I enrolled in school again and finally landed my ideal job in digital marketing. As for my HB, although he didn’t have any work contacts here, he’s managed to essentially create a client base from nothing and continues to grow in his career as a freelance audio engineer.

We’ve also made a lot of great friends too. It’s hard not knowing anyone in a big city without any family around, but through work and some introductions by friends back home, we’ve been able to connect with people we wouldn’t have otherwise if we’d just stayed in our hometown.

All in all, moving to Toronto was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It was a big risk considering we had just gotten married, quit our jobs, and road-tripped it across the country, but looking back I’m so glad we did it. We’ve both grown so much both personally and professionally, and when we do go back and visit Vancouver we see it in a different and more appreciative way. Onto year two!

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Have you moved away from your hometown? What was your experience like and are you glad you did it? 

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