On our first day in Chiang Mai (day 17), we took it pretty easy and decided to walk to a few wats near the place we were staying. It was pretty easy because there were seriously wats everywhere in Chiang Mai! On our way to see Wat Phrasingh for example, we passed at least two other wats, and that was only a 15 minute walk from our hostel. 

After that we checked out the Chiang Mai Cultural Museum, mainly for the air-conditioning, but it was super cheap and we definitely learned quite a bit about the city’s history.

On day 18 we booked a tour of Wat Phrathat atop the mountain Doi Suthep. We thought booking a tour would be a good idea instead of just paying a taxi to take us because we’d have a tour guide to tell us about everything, and we wouldn’t risk getting lost again like on our search for the golden Buddha in Phuket.

In retrospect, we should have just taken a taxi. The ride up Doi Sutep was no exaggeration the worst! It was switchbacks the entire way up, we were cramped into a tiny van full of other tourists, and I got really car sick. It was to the point where I almost told the driver to pull over because I needed to throw up on the side of the road.

To make it worse, we made a detour to a poppy garden at the top of the mountain before going to the actual temple. At that point I was nauseous and pissed off and didn’t give a sh** about a bunch of stupid poppies.

Moreover, our tour guide was pretty useless. When we finally got to the temple, he just told us “Free time ‘til 4pm, then back to the van”, so we just walked around for an hour somewhat clueless. It was still cool to see, but we definitely did get what we paid for.


That night, to counter the lameness of the afternoon, my BF and I decided to do a bit of bar hopping. First we stopped by this place called El Diablo‘s for margaritas and tortilla chips.

It was pretty good though expensive at $5 per drink. Also, you had to walk through the entire kitchen to get to the bathroom which was sort of odd. After that we went to the THC Rooftop Bar, which basically looks like the place to go if you are a stoner, but in actuality it was just full of Europeans smoking cigarettes.

It had a weird vibe that’s for sure, but it did still have a cool view of some of the city. After a few Changs we were pretty much ready to head home (we’re clearly not very good at bar hopping), but on the way we saw this weird looking stand.


It turned out to be a bar on wheels on the side of the road called Ben Cocktail Bar and it was definitely the happening place to be. Curious, we sat down and ended having an amazing time.

We met a young guy from Switzerland, and a couple from Finland who ended up staying at the same hostel as us. We also ended up befriending some Parisians who made me desperately want to go to France sometime soon. I tried speaking my best French to them, but I was pretty rusty and tipsy, so we ended up just speaking English.

The next day we were a bit hungover so we decided to just hang out in our room and watch a whole bunch of Law & Order: UK (which is amazing by the way). Wednesday I’ll write my second to last trip post on, but until then here’s what we spent on days 17, 18, and 19. Thanks for reading!


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