Me and the HB have been on the road since this past Thursday and man do I feel like we’ve covered a lot of ground. The first day we drove from Vancouver, BC all the way to Jasper, AB. If you’ve never been to Jasper I highly recommend making a stop there if you plan on driving through.  It’s such a cute little town tucked into the Rockies and reminds me a lot of Whistler. Here’s a photo of what it looked like on our way there.


After a night at the Amethyst Lodge in Jasper (not bad for a one night stay, but otherwise it’s just an old, cheap hotel) we went back on the road and drove to Grand Prairire, AB so we could attend my HB’s friend’s wedding.

It was such a cool country wedding and because my HB was a groomsman we got to be a part of the rehearsal, the day of, and the day after’s pancake breakfast/gift opening. Here are a few photos from the wedding.



Besides having a great time at the wedding, one of the perks was having free accommodations and food for two days of our trip. Thanks again Alberta friends!

Yesterday we took off again and stayed in Edmonton for the night. Today we drive to Saskatoon then after that will dip into the U.S. Basically our thinking is that driving through the States will be a bit faster and more affordable since gas and hotel prices are significantly cheaper than in Canada.

Will update you with more details from our trip soon! Also just an fyi, if any of you are going on a roadtrip soon, bring an audiobook to listen to! We’ve been listening to the first Harry Potter book and it’s honestly been awesome.

For More on My Journey from Vancouver to Toronto:

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