Money therapy that goes beyond the budget and gets to the root of your relationship with money from accredited financial counsellor and host of the popular More Money Podcast, Jessica Moorhouse.

Why is money the #1 stress in my life? How do I keep getting into debt after working so hard to get out? Will I ever have enough money to make me feel secure?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to think about your money story. For the past decade, Jessica Moorhouse, an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® and money expert, has had intimate conversations with strangers from around the world who trust her to listen without judgment and offer solutions to their financial problems. It is Moorhouse’s experience (as well as a fact supported by research) that a lot of stuff prevents you from thinking about money clearly and getting out of your own way. This book includes all the insecurities, fixations and inherited ideas about money that you carry around—and provides a guide on how to get past them. No number of top-ten tips or golden rules will help you with your money struggles unless you confront what is causing them in the first place—be it trauma, human behaviour or an unjust social system. It’s only when you acknowledge and understand the real source of your money issues that you can start making a plan to finally overcome them.

Some of the topics explored in the book include:

  • realizing how past trauma shapes your negative relationship with money
  • unlearning some of the “truths” about money that are hurting you
  • recognizing patterns and red flags to stop the cycle of poor financial decision-making
  • understanding the institutions and systems that are holding you back financially and learning the difference between good and bad financial advice
  • learning how to trust yourself and others when it comes to money management
  • creating a new path for achieving financial freedo

Everything But Money is a practical, inspirational book that teaches readers to uncover their money story and empowers them to create a new, healthier and happier relationship with money.


Everything But Money: The Hidden Barriers Between You and Financial Freedom