On day 7 of our trip, we left Bangkok in the morning and took a flight with Air Asia (the cheapest airline but actually totally fine) to Ao Nang, in Krabi town. 

Oh man, I was so close to getting a t-shirt that said “I Heart Krabi” but I chickened out. After we checked into our guesthouse and walked down to the beach, we were just in time to see the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.

Our suite at the K.L. Guest House on the other hand, umm…ya, not so nice. Our room was on the ground level with one window that faced the hallway. We could hear everyone coming in and leaving, and I’m sure they could hear us too. Not to mention the bugs in all the dark corners and some mystery hairs in the bed.

My BF didn’t seem to hate our room as much as I did, but because I need my sleep, and I sure as hell didn’t sleep a wink that night, we switched rooms the next day. Oh gosh, I’m so glad we did too. The room the next night was on the second floor, was way nicer looking, and had a cute little balcony.

Sure there was an ant colony in the shower, but again, what you’ve gotta do when traveling is adjust your standards and look on the bright side. The bright side being that we actually got sunlight into our room.

Also, one good thing I will say about the K.L. Guest House is that the staff were super nicer and helpful, and they also own the café next door which served some pretty decent breakfast.

We only stayed two nights in Ao Nang, but we really loved it. It was more of a touristy, party area, but despite the crowds we had a great time. Well, except there was this one incident on our first night.

We’d done some bar and restaurant hopping that night, and I guess we’d had a few too many Changs because as we arrived back at our guesthouse, my BF realized he didn’t have his backpack with him. Worse still, his iPad mini was in it! Needless to say we ran as fast as we could to find it and thank goodness it was our lucky day because our waitress had it and nothing was stolen! Hallelujah!

On day 8 we spent the day visiting Railay Beach which was just a long tail boat ride away. It was beautiful but there wasn’t that much to do besides walk along the beach, take a few photos, and have lunch.

But still, definitely worth the day trip. One thing I do regret not doing is the 4-island day tour. It only cost about 500 baht ($17) to see Ko Poda, Ko Gai (Chicken Island), Ko Tub, and Railay Beach. Thinking we could probably just do the tour later in our trip for the same price, we didn’t do it. It was only when we arrived in Ko Lanta that we found out that same tour costs about 5 times more from anywhere else. Oh well, live and learn.

After two nights in Ao Nang, we headed to Ko Lanta where we ended up staying way longer than we expected. Oh gosh, I so wish I could go back right now! It’s raining as I type this in my Vancouver apartment, and it’s times like these I wonder “Why did I leave Thailand to come back home again?”

Here’s what we spent on days 7 & 8. Day 7 was a big spend day but that’s mainly due to the flights from Bangkok to Krabi. But it was either fly there or spend an entire day in a hot, stinky van with a bunch of strangers. Ya, no thank you.


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