On days 3 and 4 of our trip, my BF and I were both slowly getting adjusted to the time difference, and I was trying my best to adjust to the different types of food. I absolutely love Thai food now, but I’m hands down probably the pickiest eater you’ll ever eat. Well, it’s not so much that I’m picky, I just have a lot of food “issues”. There are a lot of things I don’t like such as berries, seafood, meat that looks like the animal it used to be, and of course fruits that look like sea urchins. That being said, as picky an eater as I am, the gloriously air-conditioned mega malls that took up city blocks in Bangkok literally saved my life those first few days in Bangkok.

For instance, on day 3 we got some donuts at Krispy Kreme. They were delicious! Thank you Siam Paragon for having Western treats!

Day 3 was actually a pretty jam packed day for us. We visited at least two mega malls (the other one called MBK, which also has a floor with stalls where you can barter for things), then Siam Ocean World (the largest aquarium in South East Asia), and finally we went to see a traditional Thai dance performance known as Khon at The Royal Theatre.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos in the theatre, but Khon is a traditional Thai dance with masks and beautifully crafted costumes that tells the story of The Ramakien. It was pretty cool, but a bit long.

We rushed down there without eating any dinner, so my tummy was rumbling through at least have of the show. Since most restaurants were closed when we got out, we ended up having a late night bite at McDonalds.

Fun fact: all the McDonalds’ in Thailand have Ronald McDonald doing the Thai “wai” gesture. So much better than Ronald sitting on a bench like in Canada.

The next day we weren’t as productive. We visited a few more malls because they are really cold and it was crazy hot outside. We took in some art at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. We tried to find this famed ex-pat bar named Charlie’s on the other side of town (it was closed when we found it, just our luck). Then we ended up in this weird Thai-British sports bar called The Game where we shared a large Chang.

Oh yes, I haven’t even talked about the beers in Thailand yet. Well, there are four main brands: Chang, Leo, Singha, and Tiger. Actually Tiger is from Singapore, but it was still all over Thailand. Chang is the cheapest (and best tasting I thought) costing no more than 35 baht per bottle/can (about $1).

Seeing as beer is so frickin’ expensive in Vancouver, we kind of slipped into a pattern of “Want a beer?”, “Of course, it’s A DOLLAR!” Needless to say we both came home with beer bellies.

Maybe it was the heat, the jet lag or that we had walked all over town in flip-flops and still weren’t used to it, we called it an early night and made plans to visit The Grand Palace on day 5.

Want to know how much we spent? Here’s a quick look:


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