On Monday we were in Saskatoon, yesterday we were in Minot, North Dakota, and today we are on the rode again to Minnesota. I can’t believe we are halfway to Toronto already! 

On Monday we arrived in Saskatoon and a friend suggested we go to this place called The Rook & Raven for dinner. It was the perfect ending to a long day of driving. They had a special on for a rib dinner plus a pint of beer for only $10. Thank you Saskatoon!

I’ve actually been to Saskatoon before and I really liked it (and still do). For a city in the Prairies it’s actually quite progressive and has a really cool vibe. It reminds me a lot of Portland, but with bigger mosquitoes and really cold winters.


The next day we got up and hit the road to North Dakota. We decided against driving through the rest of Canada for a change of pace and since everything in the U.S. is a bit cheaper. Case in point we got a seriously amazing (and huge!) hotel room in Minot for under $100 and not only did it include a free breakfast, but a free drink at the bar too!

If anyone plans on staying a night or two in Minot, I highly recommend Noble Inn. It just opened in January so the whole hotel is brand new and the staff are really friendly. For dinner we went to this place called Badlands. My HB got this Cuban chicken dish and I got the pot roast and they were both delicious. Thanks to the Noble Inn bartender for the restaurant suggestion!

Tomorrow we leave North Dakota for Minnesota. We aren’t sure what city we’ll stop in quite yet but so far we’ve been booking hotels the night before (or the day of) and we haven’t encountered any problems yet. I’m just excited that we get to pass by Fargo on our way. It’s seriously one of my favourite movies and I’m so gonna get a photo of me in front of the city sign.

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