On Day 9 we took a very cramped van to a very cramped ferry headed to Ko Lanta (the “Ko” means island fyi). It wasn’t that long of a ferry ride, but since I am super pasty white and was afraid of getting burnt, I stayed inside most of the trip while my boyfriend stayed on the outer deck. I’m glad he did because he ended up bumping into one of his co-workers who was also traveling around Thailand. What are the chances!

We ended up sharing a taxi to our separate hotels on the island but made sure to meet up a few times to hang out. The first night we stayed at the Amantra Resort & Spa. We’d only booked one night there since we hadn’t seen the place before and only chose it based on the good Trip Advisor reviews.

It ended up being way nicer than we expected, though it was definitely more expensive too. Compared to the $16 each we paid to stay in Ao Nang, shelling out $40 each for a room in Ko Lanta was pretty hard to swallow. Then again, it was ten times nicer and cleaner, plus it wasn’t a hostel but what would be considered a 4-star hotel in Canada.

We didn’t do much on day 9 besides eat, drink, swim in the ocean, and eat and drink some more. On day 10 we left to go to a different hotel called the New Coconut Bungalow. When we were researching places to stay we decided to book nights at two different hotels to try them out.

Rule of thumb is you never want to book more than one night somewhere if you’ve never seen the place before. I’m so glad we did this because not only did we realize what a good find Amantra was, but also how crappy the Coconut was.

For instance, part of the reason we chose to stay at the Coconut was because it promised us a private bungalow. You know, one facing the beach like in all those fancy travel pictures you see floating around Pinterest. Yeah, this was the view we got.

Not the view I imagined when we booked our room. Also, my boyfriend’s co-worker was staying at a hotel close-by and made the mistake of having dinner at our hotel. She got food poisoning. The employees at the hotel were also, umm…interesting.

We got there at about 11am and they were smoking blunts. Nice. Last but not least, the neighbours at the hotel next-door I swear were the cast of Jersey Shore: Australia. Needless to say we got the hell out of there after one night and went back to Amantra.


Best decision ever. Look at that frickin’ sunset! And here’s what we spent on days 9 & 10. Yeah, the south of Thailand ain’t cheap, but still totally worth the extra money.


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