June 3, 2015

[Ep. 1] How It Started: My Personal Finance Journey

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Want to hear all about my personal finance journey in my own voice? Well, that’s exactly what episode 1 of the More Money Podcast is all about.

If you’re a longtime blog reader, you may have always wondered what I sound like. Sure, you can guess my tone from my writing style. But sometimes I feel like I make way more sense talking than writing. And that is a big part of the reason I wanted to launch a personal finance podcast. I love writing on this blog. But I think to take my personal brand to the next level, I needed to do something new and different.

So, with the help of my audio engineer husband, I bought a few microphones and started emailing possible guests. Since I plan on having a new episode for you every Wednesday, finding new guests is going to be a big job for me. So if you know anyone who has a really interesting money story (or that person is you), please email me!

For my first episode of the More Money Podcast, I’ll be giving you a glimpse into my personal finance journey. How I grew up and how that influenced my relationship with money over the years. For all the future podcast episodes, I’ll also be writing show notes like this one for each episode to include any extra info and links to anything I mention in the show and some extra goodies too.

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