Joshua Bowman

June 3, 2015

[Ep. 2] The Truth About Freelancing with My Husband

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I am so excited about this second podcast episode! Not only is it on a topic that I think many of you are interested in and can relate to, but it gave me a chance to finally prove that my husband (or HB as I’ve previously called him on the blog) is real! I didn’t make him up! He’s a real human being and he was nice enough to be my first podcast guest.

On my blog, I’ve mentioned over the years that I’ve always worked a 9 to 5 job, whereas Josh (my totally real husband) has been self-employed since the day I met him 8 years ago. We obviously have very different perspectives on freelancing and working “for the man,” but I think it wasn’t until we cracked open a few beers and hit the record button that we got into a deep conversation about what we really think about it all. That’s what’s so cool about recording these conversations. Without them, I’d have no idea about most of this stuff!

For instance, at the end of the episode when Josh tells me about when he was younger and was deathly afraid of public speaking — he’d never told me that before! Sure, I knew he hated doing that kind of stuff when he was younger, but he’d never told me that story before.

We’ve been together for 8 years and I had no idea! Isn’t that crazy? I guess no matter how long you’ve known someone, there will always be something to uncover later in life.

Since Josh did mention a few go-to resources, I wanted to include his favourites in these show notes. Just an FYI, Josh is seriously obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from work to see him glued to his laptop watching one of Gary’s YouTube videos.

Helpful Blogs for Solopreneurs

Josh’s New Obsession

What are your thoughts on freelancing? Are you pro solopreneurship or a company person through and through?

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