I’ve only been in Toronto for two days now, and even though I just got here I can honestly say that I have a really good feeling about this place. I’m super excited to start my new life in Toronto and I just know there are some good things waiting for me and the HB as we settle into married life. That’s not to say that it’s been a perfect two days here, but I’ll get to all that in a bit. 

On Monday we finally got the keys to our sublet, and after staying in hotels for so long my HB and I were desperate to stay in one place for longer than just one night. Not only do we get to stay here for all of July and August, the suite we’re staying in has the most amazing view (as you can see above).

Apparently this is a rarity in this neighbourhood (I think it’s called Bloorcourt Village for anyone who’s curious). There are only a handful of high-rises here and everything else is a brick house converted into multiple suites. We definitely lucked out when we found this place that’s for sure, thanks Kijiji!

The suite itself is only a junior one bedroom so it’s a bit tiny for two people, but we certainly aren’t complaining. It’s perfect for the summer and we’re actually hoping to find a suite in the same complex.

The guy we’re subletting from is also really awesome. He’s this adorable Swedish PhD student who, as you might expect, lives like a total PhD student. Books are scattered everywhere (I just found some more in one of his kitchen cabinets), all of his furniture is either found, secondhand, or from IKEA (god bless those Swedes!), and he doesn’t have Internet hooked up because he feels that it would distract him from finishing his dissertation. Since neither my HB or I have dissertations to work on, we’re getting Internet installed pronto!

Aside from not having Internet, there were only a few other things we needed to buy for this place to make it more comfortable like a garbage can for the bathroom and several bottles of wine. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the easiest transition for me living in someone else’s home.

My natural instinct is to nest and make it my own, but because this isn’t our place all I can do is clean and disinfect the sh** out of everything. Needless to say I am very much looking forward to having my own space again come September.

Besides struggling to not rearrange all of the furniture in this apartment, I’m also trying to get used to being unemployed. Well not just unemployed, but completely jobless in a new city without any close friends or family to hang out with.

Even though my HB and I were thrilled to finally touch down in Toronto on Monday, at about 11pm that night we both looked at each other and confessed that we were both a bit depressed. We’ve both been so busy pretty much since January, so to all of a sudden have no job, no routine, no social life, well, let’s just say it’s gonna be a fun first year of marriage.

That being said, thank God I have this blog to keep me sane. I may not have a job, but at least for the first time in a very long time I have unlimited time to write to my heart’s content! On that note, you can all expect some very lengthy, well-written, sassy posts from me until I get hired somewhere. I’m predicting I won’t find anything for three months, but I sure hope I’m wrong.

Since my husband and I are starting a new life in Toronto, do any of you have some suggestions on what to do, see, or where to go now that we’ve got a lot of free time on our hands?

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