So this is the moment you and I have been waiting for. Finally, I can let you all know how much my wedding cost! As I mentioned in my first post about my wedding That's right, my wedding cost half that national average because I was smart with my money. It's ridiculous the idea of going in debt for one day. Sure, it's a special day, but with a budget, a plan, and some glitter, you can have a beautiful wedding for a fraction of what most people spend too!budget way back in January 2012, my HB and I’s original budget was $10,000. I did a ton of research and thought that was a realistic number for us to stick to, but of course despite our best efforts we ended up going over budget…by $6,000.

Here’s the thing, we honestly did the whole thing as cheaply as we could. I’m talking using coupons, getting married off-season, crafting decorations ourselves, and making sure we got the best deal on everything we paid for. Still, wedding’s are damn expensive. Sure, we could have gone without the limo, but personally the idea of driving to my wedding and then to our hotel at the end of the night just sounded depressing to me. We could have done a smaller wedding (our wedding had 80 people), but my HB is an only child and I’m the first of my sisters to get married so this wedding was a kind of big deal for us and our families.

All in all, I don’t regret spending a single dime. Though, to be fair, my HB and I did technically stay within our budget. Our parents chipped in quite a bit so we actually only spent $9,895.09 of our own money.

Breakdown of How Much My Wedding Cost


Check back Friday for my more detailed post about how I saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars on our wedding, plus a few what to do and not to do tips for any of you future brides!

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How much did you spend on your wedding? What do you think a reasonable budget is for a wedding these days?

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