Leigh Tynan

March 9, 2023

[Ep. 358] How to Protect Yourself Online This Tax Season with Leigh Tynan

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“Cybercrime is big business.”
– Leigh Tynan, Director of TELUS Online Security


How secure is your information online? Do you use a password manager? Cyber security is more important than ever with phishing scams and cybercrimes gaining more victims every year. That’s why my guest today is Leigh Tynan, Director of TELUS Online Security, and she’s sharing how Canadians can best protect themselves online this tax season and beyond.

Leigh has been with TELUS for over 17 years and is a Co-Chair for Connections, TELUS’ Women’s Network, and is part of the Connections Global leadership team. She’s focused on ensuring all Canadians are able to easily protect their devices, online privacy, and most importantly, their identity. 

In today’s episode, Leigh shares how cyber attacks and identity theft online can happen to any of us and that’s why it’s important to have layers of protection for our sensitive information. Leigh also shares how cybercrime has become rampant in recent years and how scams are getting more clever and harder to catch these days.

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