Michelle Hung

March 8, 2023

[Ep. 357] Investing for the Next Generation with Michelle Hung

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“We put way too much power in the hands of others.”
– Michelle Hung, The Sassy Investor


I have the Sassy Investor, aka Michelle Hung, joining me as a guest on the show today. I was so excited to have Michelle on the podcast to talk about the power of investing and why she believes younger generations should start learning about money management and investing as soon as possible (and I couldn’t agree more!).

Michelle Hung is a CFA charter holder (Chartered Financial Analyst), a fee-only financial planner, and the author of The Sassy Investor, and Investing for Teens: How to Save, Invest, and Grow Money. After spending 7 years working in corporate finance and investment banking, she’s switched her focus to teaching others how to invest for their financial futures in order to build a lifetime of wealth.

In today’s episode, Michelle shares her backstory and how the Sassy Investor was born out of going through a tough time in her life. She also shares why she decided to write a book specifically for teens and young adults about how to invest and the mistakes she hopes her book will help them avoid making.

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