February 2, 2023

[Ep. 352] 2023 Life Update and Q&A

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“Personal Finance is not black and white, it’s a lot more complex.”
– Jessica Moorhouse


I haven’t done a solo episode in over a year, so I thought the perfect time to do one would be to help kick off a new season of the podcast. In this episode, I wanted to share how my 2023 got off to an odd start and how that led me to reflect on what I want from 2023 in both terms of my life and my business.

I’m also answering lots of questions that were asked over on my Instagram and my email list, including some personal ones like how I feel about my money, especially with a recession looming and interest rates continuing to rise. Other questions include, how to use a money windfall and how to talk to your partner about money in your relationship.

Even though we’re in February, it is never too late to set some goals and intentions for the new year, especially when your finances are concerned. I hope this episode helps to give you that post-January boost to keep going so that you can have a great year!

Things I Mentioned in the Episode

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