February 8, 2023

[Ep. 353] Exposing the Canadian Financial Industry with Jason Pereira

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“There is no one strategy to rule them all, it doesn’t exist.”
– Jason Pereira, MBA CFA CFP


The Canadian financial industry can be overwhelming, there are so many different designations, plus what’s the difference between a financial advisor and a financial adviser? To help answer some of these questions about the industry and more, I have a long-time financial planner and industry advocate Jason Pereira on the show today. 

Jason Pereira is a CFA, CFP (in Canada and U.S.), RFP, TEP, FCSI, CIWM, PFP, and FMA, plus holds two degrees including his MBA. He’s the founding President of the Financial Planning Association of Canada, a director of the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners, and a director of the Individual Finance and Insurance Decision Centre. He currently serves as a columnist and advisory board member of the Globe and Mail’s Globe Advisor.

In this episode, Jason answers so many questions pertaining to the industry, including the difference between fee-only and no-fee advisors, how financial designations work in Canada, and what terrible advice to avoid at all costs. Jason also explains common misconceptions about investing that could help you come tax season and when planning for retirement.

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