December 8, 2021

[Ep. 307] Canada’s Housing Boom…Is There an End in Sight? with John Webster

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You shouldn’t view your house as a piggy bank that you can carry around.
– John Webster, President & CEO of Scotiabank Mortgage Corporation


As someone who decided to sell her townhouse and buy a new house in Toronto this year, I can vouch for how crazy the Canadian housing market is right now. Although my experience is specifically in Toronto, talking to people across the country every single day…I know that people have similar experiences from coast to coast.

Since real estate has become such a hot topic, especially because of the pandemic, I wanted to gain some further insight into why the housing market has exploded in the past two years and hear some predictions for what we can expect in the future. To provide that insight, I’ve got John Webster, President & CEO of Scotiabank Mortgage Corporation, joining me for this episode.

John has 30+ years of experience in mortgage lending, and in addition to being the President & CEO of Scotiabank Mortgage Corporation, he’s also the Head of the Real Estate Secured Lending Unit at Scotiabank which includes Scotia Mortgage Authority and Home Financing Solutions. John was previously the President & CEO of Maple Trust Company which was purchased by Scotiabank in 2006. He is also a founding member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) now called Mortgage Professionals Canada and was inducted into the Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame in 2009.

In this episode, John shares how the pandemic put pressure on the housing market and why the demand for housing will continue to be greater than the supply into the future. John also shares how lenders have had to adapt to this new normal over the past 18 months and the digital products and services they’ve introduced since the start of the pandemic. I love talking about real estate and especially when I can get an insider perspective on how we can best navigate the market, so I am very excited to share today’s episode with you!

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