November 4, 2021

[Ep. 301] What to Know About Getting a Mortgage (and Using a Credit Union) with Michael Borrelli

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This episode of the More Money Podcast is sponsored by Alterna Savings. Are you looking to buy your first home…or next home? To learn more about getting the right mortgage for you and to speak with a licensed mortgage professional, visit

In order to be a player, you have to join the market.
– Michael Borrelli, Branch Manager for Alterna Savings


BONUS EPISODE! This episode is incredibly apt if you’ve been following along on my house-hunting journey because it’s all about mortgages! I’m joined by the Branch Manager of the Bay Street Branch in Toronto for Alterna Savings, Michael Borrelli. 

Michael has been in the financial services industry for over 19 years with expertise in retail banking, product management, and acquisition. Michael is passionate about financial literacy and giving people transparent advice from a caring place so that they can better their financial well-being. 

In this episode, Michael fields my laundry list of questions all about mortgages and what to know for first-time buyers, how to set a budget to buy a property, and explains what all that mortgage jargon means in real terms. This episode is great for people who are thinking of getting into the real estate market and buying a home for the first time or already seasoned homeowners since I even learned some incredibly useful, new things!

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