November 10, 2021

[Ep. 302] Navigating Your Finances as a Small Business Owner with Joe Collins

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Why help small businesses? Because they are the ones who are really improving our world.
– Joe Collins, Partner & Owner of Avalon Accounting


I’m so excited for this week’s episode of the podcast because we’re talking about the money side of owning a small business and going freelance. I’m joined by Joe Collins, CPA, CA who is the partner and owner of the accounting firm Avalon Accounting

Joe’s accounting firm Avalon Accounting focuses on working with Canadian small businesses because he believes they have a significant positive impact on our world (and I’d have to agree with that!). After some failed attempts at entrepreneurship, Joe still wanted to be a part of that world and decided to merge his passion for entrepreneurship with his affinity for numbers. This led him to go back to school and start his own accounting firm. As you can tell from his interview with me, he’s passionate about helping Canadian small business owners get to grips with their finances so that they can focus more on growing their bottom line. 

What you can look forward to in this episode is Joe answering small business owners’ most pressing questions on taxes, write-offs, and common beginner mistakes to avoid when starting a business for the first time. I was so excited to talk to Joe since I’ve often referred back to his YouTube channel that shares hard-to-find answers to common questions multiple times. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or are just curious about what to know when it comes to starting a business…this is the episode for you!

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