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February 27, 2020

[Ep. 229] What You Need to Know About Responsible Investing with Guy Cormier

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I got to partner with Desjardins for a unique event called “A Greener Dollar” on Feb. 11 in Vancouver, in which I co-hosted a roundtable discussion with Desjardins CEO Guy Cormier to discuss responsible finance. After the event, I recorded this interview with Guy. Learn more about Desjardins and their responsible investing products at A few weeks ago, I got to co-host a really special event called “A Greener Dollar” with Desjardins CEO Guy Cormier, and after that event, he sat down to do a podcast episode with me so we could dive deeper into the topic of responsible finance and investing.

Something you should know about Desjardins is that they have been at the forefront of responsible investing going back 25 years with the launch of their first SocieTerra funds. Since then, they’ve built a number of responsible mutual funds and ETFs, and hope to be a leader in promoting responsible investing to the masses.

As Guy mentions in the podcast, more business leaders need to step up and take more action when it comes to sustainable growth in the financial industry and in the greater economy. Although many leaders and companies are profit-first thinkers and simply focused on getting high returns, things need to shift in the investing world. There needs to be more transparency, and inclusivity, and we need to protect our future. And one big way this can be done is by offering responsible investing products and having a conversation with investors.

Hopefully, one day responsible investing will simply be called investing, and there won’t be so many different interpretations of what it means to be a responsible fund or responsible investor. Until then, what we all can do is to be more intentional with our investing dollars and to keep the conversation going so more people are aware of their options.

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Blog Post & Video

As I mentioned in this podcast episode, I also wrote a blog post on the topic of responsible investing, and made a video about it too! Make sure to check them out!
Blog post: A Greener Dollar: How to Be a More Responsible Investor
Video: Responsible Investing: What You Should Know Before Getting Started

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