March 4, 2020

[Ep. 230] How Financial Therapy Can Help You Tackle Your Money with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

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You’re gonna love this episode. You’re gonna feel so good after listening to it! Why? Because there’s just something about my guest, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin of Mind Money Balance, that puts you at ease. Which is probably why she’s a financial therapist. She makes you open up, get deep, and eventually get to the crux of what’s going on with your money so you can start building a solid, happy and successful financial life.

In this episode, we discuss what exactly a financial therapist does (and how it differs from some other financial designations), why talking about money is one of the most important things we can all do to improve our financial situations, and how impactful our past is on our financial futures.

Besides working with individuals and couples as a financial therapist, Lindsay is also the author of The Financial Anxiety Solution. If you want to grab a copy of her book, make sure to visit to also get free video training on values-based spending and saving.

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