[Ep. 25] The Value of Simple with John Robertson

john-robertson-value-of-simpleIn this episode I talk with John Robertson, the blogger behind Holy Potato and the author of The Value of Simple, about one of my favourite topics — index fund investing. I explored this subject a bit in my podcast episode with Barry Choi, but John breaks down the principles even further and explains what actionable steps you need to take to become a do-it-yourself investor.

If you are really interested in going the DIY investing route, I highly suggest reading John’s book. I did and I seriously learned a lot about what is involved and what the best ways to get started are.

We mentioned a number of resources in this episode, and here they are below.

John’s DIY Investing Course

Want to become a DIY investor? Then this is the course you absolutely need to take. John Robertson really does no his stuff and he’s put everything into this one-of-a-kind Canadian index fund investing course. This course will guide you through investing the smart way for the long term with step-by-step instructions, and it’s a great companion or extension of John’s book The Value of Simple.
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Books John Mentioned

John’s Book

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