[Ep. 7] DIY Investing with Barry Choi

July 1, 2015

barry-choi-money-we-haveIf you’ve been a reader of my blog throughout these 3 and half years, then you already know that I am by far no expert when it comes to investing. Not for lack of desire, but I guess when it comes to personal finance I just stick to what I’m comfortable with — saving and budgeting. That being said, I know that in order to continue to increase my net worth, I need to do a better job of investing.

Right now, I’m justing investing in mutual funds in my RRSP and TFSA, but I definitely want to diversify in the future. That’s where Barry Choi comes in.
Barry has been a DIY investor for a number of years and has been writing about his experience on his blog Money We Have as well. Since I really wanted to learn more about his investing strategies, I thought he would be the perfect podcast guest for this episode.
We talk about a lot of topics, including how to get started as a DIY investor and how to implement the Couch Potato method of investing, so make sure you check out some of these handy resources Barry mentioned on the show below.

As an added bonus, I am also giving away a copy of John Robertson’s investing for beginners book The Value of Simple: A Practical Guide to Taking the Complexity Out of Investing. You may already know John from his blog Holy Potato, but Barry highly praised this book (and gave me a copy to check out), so I’m super pumped to be giving one of you lucky winners a copy too!

Resources Barry Mentioned

How do you invest? Do you go through a financial advisor, a broker, or do you do-it-yourself like Barry?

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  1. Prakash says:

    Loved this episode, I’d heard about e-series before, now I’m definitely going to check it out and figure out my other options for DIY investing are. Thanks!

  2. Great Podcast Jessica and Barry!!

  3. Juhmeese says:

    I started investing a few years after I graduated college. I bought a stock in J Crew (when it was still public) because I liked the brand 🙂

  4. Marry says:

    It’s funny how this episode answered a lot of my questions (e.i. TD E-series, couchpotatoes). One of the thing that really surprise me is that Barry mentionned that we don’t need to check our accounts all the time and that 1 to 2 times a year is enough. For my part, I recently opened an account with Tangerine and I logged in almost everyday. I guessed what I have to do is to really let it do the work and be patient.
    Great episode 🙂

    • That surprised me too because I just figured you’d need to check those accounts all the time for some reason. Thanks for the comment!

      • Potato says:

        It’s a common thought, it comes from the active investors who constantly worry that a particular company will fall into some kind of scandal and have to be dumped. But as a passive index investor you’re not going to *do* anything anyway, so no need to log in and check. Indeed, only checking in a few times a year can help reduce the appearance of volatility and make investing easier — those small daily/weekly fluctuations are easy to ride out when you don’t even see them — on top of the time savings of not constantly checking.

        • Totally agree! And it makes being an index investor way more enticing. I have no idea why I thought I’d have to monitor everything daily or weekly or risk losing all my money.

  5. Marilyn says:

    I just started listening to your podcasts and reading some of your blogs. I love the content so far!
    I’ve been index investing for a few years now and love how easy it is to contribute and not make an appointment with a “financial specialist” or whatever they call the bank people now!

    • Yay! So glad you’re enjoying my podcast and blog! So far I’ve only heard good things about index investing, so I think I definitely need to try it out for myself. Thanks for the comment!

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