November 11, 2015

[Ep. 26] Mobile Home Investing with Rachel Hernandez

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My guest for this episode is Rachel Hernandez — arguably one of the hardest working women I know! Not only does she have a strong work ethic, but she’s also basically been an entrepreneur since she was in elementary school. Who else could come up with an idea to sell pencils and stickers to kids (as a kid) but someone who would end up becoming a successful real estate investor?

In this episode, Rachel shares her story of how she worked her way to pay for college, turned down a chance to do her MBA, and took a huge leap of faith by starting her own real estate investing company.

Although she now predominantly invests in mobile homes, she has a wealth of knowledge on single home investing as well. She’s even so knowledgeable that she’s penned 3 books about real estate investing (and counting!).

Thanks again Rachel for being such a great guest. Your story is incredibly inspiring and I hope that I too will become a property investor down the road, though probably not in Canada if I’m being honest. Then again, I might actually be able to afford a mobile home in Toronto or Vancouver.

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