[Ep. 100] How to Tackle Money as a Couple with Elle Martinez

March 28, 2017

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For this episode, I chat with a fellow female podcaster and blogger, Elle Martinez from Couple Money. Make sure to check out her awesome Couple Money Podcast too, she’s an amazing podcast host!
We talk about her story of figuring out how to manage their money together before getting married, and how this eventually inspired her to start her own blog and podcast to help other couples tackle their money. We’ve all heard the stats, money is one of the biggest reasons couples break up. But if you have open communication, are working towards the same goals and both feel involved with the family finances, that’s how you can set yourself up for success.
Elle offers some sage advice and great examples of couples she’s interviewed who have overcome some major obstacles. Basically, after listening to this episode, you’ll feel just like me and want to set up your next money meeting with your partner pronto!

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