April 5, 2017

[Ep. 101] What You Need to Know Before Doing Your Taxes this Season with Lisa Gittens

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This episode is sponsored by H&R Block, where you can get your taxes done in person or do it yourself online for free! To download a special coupon to save 15% on your tax services, click here.

Are you ready for tax time? If not, that’s okay because I’ve got the podcast episode that’s perfect for you! For episode 101, I chat with senior tax expert Lisa Gittens from H&R Block about how to prepare your return, how H&R Block professionals are trained, why their online software is free, and what are some of the top tax tips people need to know before filing their taxes this year.

One thing I highly recommend before getting started on your taxes is to download my free tax preparation checklist. It’s a checklist that outlines all the documents you may need to hand off to your tax preparer or that you’ll need when filling out all your info online.

Sign Up for a CRA Account

One of the best things you can do to make doing your taxes a breeze is by creating an online CRA account. You can change your marital status, name, and direct deposit info in just a few seconds online when you’ve got an account, plus it’s also a great way to easily see what your RRSP room is and it also houses all of your past tax returns.

Helpful Tax Resources from H&R Block

Facebook Live Q&A with Lisa Gittens

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