April 26, 2017

[Ep. 105] How to Save & Make Money through the Second-Hand Economy with Kerry Taylor

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Kerry Taylor’s blog Squawkfox was one of the first personal finance blogs I stumbled upon when I was starting my personal finance journey in my early 20s.

And now, so many years later I got the chance to chat with her on the podcast all about her own journey from computer science student, to living in rural British Columbia, to moving back to her hometown of Toronto, to now being a constant voice in The Globe & Mail and CBC.

One of the big reasons I really wanted to have Kerry on the show was because she has an awesome sense of style, but she doesn’t break the bank to stay fashionable. She’s a huge advocate of the second-hand economy, and it all started with trying to save money when buying clothes for her daughter. When she discovered that there were a number of consignment shops and Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling quality second-hand goods, she got hooked. And pretty much convinced me (and you once you listen) to start taking advantage of the second-hand economy too!

Thanks so much, Kerry for chatting with me and sharing your insight and story with me!

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