April 19, 2017

[Ep. 104] Mindfulness & Money with Leisa Peterson

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You may not think that mindfulness and money have anything to do with each other, but that just means you haven’t yet listened to this episode with Leisa Peterson, Founder of the Wealth Clinic and podcast host of the Art of Abundance.

Leisa has an incredible story about having an ultra-successful career in the financial industry but also making the tough decision to leave it all to start her own coaching business to take control of her life again. It’s a big misconception that with a rising career and increasing salary, happiness is sure to follow.

But that’s not usually the case if you’re not doing what you feel called to do in life. And sometimes taking a risk and doing something out of the ordinary can seem scary and even foolish.

But, it can also be your saving grace. It’s funny, when I was recording this episode with Leisa back in the fall, I was going through a similar crisis, weighing the pros and cons of leaving my corporate job to start my own business. I was terrified at the prospect of no guaranteed income and possible failure, but I knew it was the only choice because I was absolutely miserable and not doing what I felt I was called to do in this life.

And now, so many months later, I’m releasing this interview with Leisa having taken the plunge and am so glad I made the choice to leave my job. We talk a lot about fulfillment in this episode, probably because it was something I was seriously lacking at the time. But now, I can honestly say I feel more fulfilled than I have in years. I may not make as much money as I did at my 9 to 5, but somehow I feel wealthier than I ever have before.

Thanks, Leisa for the wonderful interview and insight into how mindfulness and money should always mix!

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