February 22, 2023

[Ep. 355] Generational Wealth and the Problems That Come With It with Kristin Keffeler

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“There is no doubt that those who hold wealth hold a lot of power. That power can either become stagnant or be used in ways that don’t shine a light on everyone.”
– Kristin Keffeler, Author of The Myth of the Silver Spoon


We talk a lot about how to build wealth on the More Money Podcast, but what happens when you’ve finally “made it”? In today’s new episode with Kristin Keffeler, author of The Myth of the Silver Spoon, we’re taking a look at the other side of money and what problems may arise after you’ve achieved 1% status.

Kristin Keffeler, MSM, MAPP is a human capital coach, family dynamics advisor, consultant, and thought leader at the forefront of today’s global shift in wealth advising, Wealth 3.0. She’s the founder of Illumination360, in which she specializes in human motivation, behavioural change, and family dynamics, and helps guide affluent and enterprising families, rising gen, and the professionals who support them. Her new book, The Myth of the Silver Spoon, unpacks the hidden traps of inherited wealth and real-life challenges facing those born into affluent families.

In today’s episode, Kristin shares her story of being a part of a wealthy family and how that impacted her identity and career choices. She also shares what the term “rising gen” means and the most common challenges she helps them face. Kristin also shares why affluent parents need to approach parenting differently and the importance of teaching their kids character-building skills.

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