October 19, 2022

[Ep. 340] How to Avoid Investing Clickbait with Joseph Hogue

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Don’t try to beat the market, try to be the market.”
– Joseph Hogue, of Let’s Talk Money


Learning never ends when it comes to investing, which is why I’m always keen to have new guests on the show to share their unique perspectives and knowledge on the subject. This week, I’m joined by an investing expert and popular YouTuber Joseph Hogue.

After serving in the Marine Corps, Joseph Hogue went on to work in corporate finance and real estate leading him to a career in investment analysis, in which he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In 2014, Joseph left behind the corporate world to build his own online business, which included starting his wildly popular YouTube channel Let’s Talk Money (seriously, he has over 550,000 subscribers!). 

In this episode, Joseph shares the good and the bad about YouTube, his own investing strategy, and the terrible investing advice to avoid at all costs. Since clickbait thrives on social media platforms, Joseph also shares why you should be aware that some creators treat investing as if it’s part of the entertainment industry. We get deep and nerdy about investing, so be prepared!

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