April 14, 2022

[Ep. 324] Successfully Launching a Startup in Canada with Marc-André Campagna

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This episode of the More Money Podcast is sponsored by oxio. Sick of dealing with the big telecom companies in Canada? Me too! That’s why I’m switching to oxio to get unlimited internet, no contracts, fast and local customer service, plus love how transparent they are with their pricing. To learn more, visit oxio.ca and use promo code MOREMONEY to try out oxio for free for one month.

Oligopolies are really not good for Canadians, democracy, or the economy.
– Marc-André Campagna, Founder of oxio


Calling all budding entrepreneurs, today’s bonus episode is for you! We often hear from the founders and CEOs from the U.S., but how different is it to start and find funding for your startup in Canada? The answer to that and so much more is covered in today’s episode. Joining me on the podcast is the co-founder & CEO of oxio, a Canadian home internet provider that offers fair and affordable pricing (and the one I currently use for my internet in case you’re wondering). 

Marc-André Campagna is from Baie-Comeau, Quebec and as I mentioned is the CEO and co-founder of oxio. After helping his parents move and set up their internet, it sparked his interest in developing a more affordable internet provider that put Canadians’ needs first. This led him to drop out of Law School at Laval University to start Accès Télécom (now oxio) along with his friend Francis Careau.

In this episode, Marc-André shares what it was like to launch a successful startup in Canada including finding investors, participating in an incubator program, and understanding the importance of networking. He also explains how oxio is shaking things up in the telecom industry by putting the customer experience first and why Canada needs to move away from oligopolies.

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