February 23, 2022

[Ep. 316] Should Wine Be Part of Your Investment Portfolio? with Atul Tiwari

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“It’s a lot more fun engaging with your wine portfolio than your ETF portfolio.
– Atul Tiwari, CEO of Cult Wines America


Right now the investing space has been taken over with talk of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but those aren’t the only alternative investment options for investors. Heck, there are some alternative investments that even include physical things attached to them…like wine! That’s why I’ve got Atul Tiwari, CEO of Cult Wines Americas, back on the show to discuss all the ins and outs of investing in a portfolio of fine wine (and yes, you can actually drink the wine if you want too!).

You may remember Atul from episode 170, when he was CEO of Vanguard Canada. Back then, he came on the show to share how he helped pioneer ETF investing in Canada and some of the benefits of index funds. Now, he’s in a very different role, focused on educating and helping investors diversify their portfolios even more by investing in fine wine. Cult Wines originated in the U.K. in 2007, and Atul has taken on the task of bringing the company over to North America, making wine investing more accessible to Canadian investors.

In this episode, Atul goes over everything from what’s the return on investment with fine wines, how to build a strong portfolio, fee structure, as well as where the wine is physically stored. As someone who enjoys a glass of wine (but rarely spends more than $15 on a bottle), I wanted to know what constitutes a fine wine, and are there wines that are bought without the intention of drinking it? If you’re keen to find out the answers and more about fine wine investing, then you’ll love this episode!

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