February 16, 2022

[Ep. 315] The Evolution of The Budget Mom with Kumiko Love

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We have to stop measuring our success with numbers.
Kumiko Love of The Budget Mom


This week’s episode has a little bit of everything, including talking about budgeting, investing, and defining success on your own terms. Joining me on the show today is The Budget Mom aka Kumiko Love, whose new book My Money My Way: Taking Back Control of Your Financial Life is such a great read that is chock-full of practical finance tips. 

In 2015, Kumiko found herself in $77,000 worth of debt while making a yearly salary of only $24,000 as a single mom. She managed to pay off the debt in record time, while also sharing the journey on her blog, The Budget Mom. She now has 2 million highly devoted followers that love her personally designed budget planners. Her new best-selling book, My Money My Way: Taking Back Control of Your Financial Life, shares her story, as well as others to show that you too can take control of your money.

Kumiko wants people to ask themselves once they finish the book if their glass is half empty or half full when the correct answer is actually that it’s refillable. I loved having Kumiko on the show because she is such a positive and inspiring woman who wants everyone to succeed by doing money their own way.

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