November 18, 2021

[Ep. 304] How to Fit Thematic ETFs into Your Investment Portfolio with Michael Kovacs

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This episode of the More Money Podcast is sponsored by Harvest ETFs. Looking to invest in some more growth or income-oriented ETFs outside of your regular index portfolio? Check out Harvest’s full line-up of ETFs for almost any niche at

“If you own quality and stay with it for the long term you’ll ride through the good and bad times.
– Michael Kovacs, Founder, President & CEO of Harvest Portfolios Group


You know that I love talking about investing on the podcast, especially when I can get different perspectives about the topic. For today’s bonus episode, I’m joined by Michael Kovacs, the founder, president & CEO of Harvest Portfolios Group

Michael Kovacs got his start as a stockbroker in the ’80s, which would later influence his decision to start Harvest Portfolios Group in 2009. Michael believes that the best way to create wealth is to invest in quality companies for the long term. This is reflected in the ETFs developed by Harvest, which is focused on investing in strong businesses that have the potential to grow and generate steady income over time.

In this episode, Michael shares why Harvest is different from other ETF portfolio companies and breaks down how they also use options in some of their ETFs in order to generate income and growth. 

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