October 27, 2021

[Ep. 299] Budgeting for Your Big Day with Jeffra Trumpower

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Planning a wedding is not too dissimilar to planning a home improvement project.
– Jeffra Trumpower, Senior Director of Creative Marketing at WeddingWire


This week I’m tackling a subject that I’m shocked I’ve never talked about before, weddings! I love weddings but I also know how stressful it was when I was planning my own 8 years ago. To help me talk about all things wedding planning I’m joined by Jeffra Trumpower, Senior Director of Creative Marketing at WeddingWire

Jeffra has been part of the wedding industry for more than a decade, with a focus on marketing and content development. She has expanded her role at WeddingWire to all facets of marketing including, design, video production, live and virtual events, and more. She currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband, daughter, and Jack Russell terrier. 

WeddingWire was a site I used religiously when I was planning my wedding years ago, so I was so excited to have Jeffra on the podcast to get her great insight into the industry. Jeffra shares expert tips on wedding planning including where to start when it comes to planning, how to decide on a budget, and how to avoid regrets when it comes to your special day.

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