Jennifer Barrett

April 28, 2021

[Ep. 278] How to Think Like a Breadwinner with Jennifer Barrett

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“Thinking like a breadwinner is like having an insurance policy.”
– Jennifer Barrett, Author & Chief Education Officer at Acorns


This week on the podcast we’re asking the question, what does it mean to think like a breadwinner? How would your approach to spending, saving, and investing in your future change if you thought like the primary earner in your life? Luckily, the answers to those questions are exactly what my guest, Jennifer Barrett, author of the upcoming book Think Like a Breadwinner will be tackling.

Jennifer Barrett is the Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a saving and investing app with more than 9 million users. She’s also a contributor to Forbes, as well as an advisor to three female-led startups and a featured money expert in the media. She lives in Brooklyn with her family, of which she is also the breadwinner.

Following Jennifer’s own wake-up call to change her money mindset, she wants all women to know that they don’t have to think small when it comes to wealth-building. We discuss everything from what women should be investing in (spoiler alert, it’s not handbags and clothes) and how negotiating for a better future now will give you the biggest payday in the future. Jennifer’s book and our chat definitely reinforced what a positive ripple effect wealth-building can have on your life.

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