March 17, 2021

[Ep. 272] Balancing Money & Covid One Year On with Kelley Keehn

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One year ago I had Kelley Keehn, financial educator, speaker, media personality, and author, on the show to discuss her latest book Talk Money to Me. And then a few weeks later the pandemic hit and everything changed.

Well, she’s back on the show with a new edition of her book that includes passages specifically talking about Covid-19 and its impact on people’s finances. Some people had the roughest year in 2020, and are still struggling in 2021. Many people lost jobs, racked up debt, and have struggled to earn an income and keep up with their bills. And others have experienced the opposite in that they never experienced a significant change in their income or jobs (aside from working from home) and have actually been able to save more money than usual by spending more time at home with less stuff or experiences to spend their money on.

So…what does this mean? What should you do or change in terms of managing your money if you’re in either camp? How has this pandemic changed personal finance for all of us? Kelley Keehn is here to share her insight and some tips to help you no matter what you’re going through.

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