Larkin MacKenzie-Ast

March 11, 2021

[Ep. 271] Using Your Dollars to Keep Her on the Map with Larkin MacKenzie-Ast

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In recognition of International Women’s Day, the More Money Podcast has partnered with Coast Capital Savings on their Keep Her on the Map campaign, to build awareness for the inequitable impact COVID had on women. To join me and be part of the change, and to support women-owned businesses, visit

With International Women’s Day happening this past Monday, I’ve partnered with Coast Capital Savings on their Keep Her on the Map campaign to put a spotlight on the disproportionate social and economic impacts that COVID-19 has had on women, and women-owned businesses, and hopefully, inspire action. To discuss this more in-depth, I have Larkin MacKenzie-Ast on the show, who is currently the Chair of the Business Women’s Network at Coast Capital Savings.

Throughout the almost 6 years of this podcast, I’ve tried to emphasize the importance of using your dollars as votes for change. Of course, it’s important to be frugal and find deals to save money, but it’s also important to be mindful of what your spending says about your values and realize how big of an impact your spending has on the bigger picture. For instance, maybe instead of using Amazon for everything or always going to the big box stores, seek out local, women-run businesses instead. Especially since they’ve been the hardest hit during this pandemic.

To get some ideas about how you can be part of the change, you can find more resources and info about Coast Capital’s Keep Her on the Map campaign on their website. Also, watch their quick video about some startling statistics about how women have been affected by the pandemic.

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