Frederick Vettese

January 27, 2021

[Ep. 262] How Not to Run Out of Money in Retirement with Frederick Vettese

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I’ve had so many guests on the show over the years to talk about the wealth accumulation stage of investing, but I haven’t had any, besides Mike Drak from episode 208 who wrote Victory Lap Retirement, to talk about what happens when you actually retire. What happens when you have to start decumulating your nest egg?

That’s why I’ve got Frederick Vettese on the show for this episode. He is the former Chief Actuary of Morneau Shepell, a major Canadian human resources firm. He’s also a frequent contributor to the Globe and Mail on retirement issues. And lastly, he’s the author of three books, including his latest book that we talk about in this episode, Retirement Income for Life: Getting More Without Saving More.

Even if retirement is decades away for you, it’s so important to know what to expect when it’s right around the corner. How do you ensure you don’t drain your retirement savings in the first few years? What strategies should you use to decumulate your savings in a sustainable way? And what are some key things to know about enjoying your retirement and the fruits of your labour?
We talk about this and more in this episode, so enjoy!

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