Mykail James

October 28, 2020

[Ep. 250] Budgeting for Your Best Life with Mykail James

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Maybe talking about your spending shouldn’t make you feel bad? Maybe a hobby doesn’t have to become a side hustle? Maybe striving towards early retirement by living extremely frugally isn’t the ideal path? These are just some of the fresh takes on personal finance I discuss with my next guest Mykail James, founder of The Boujie Budgeter.

Having had her interest in personal finance sparked in her early school days, Mykail naturally went on to obtain her MBA in accounting and become a Certified Financial Literacy Instructor. But what’s unique about Mykail is she likes to use her fresh take on finance to reach people outside of the normal personal finance bubble.

That’s why she uses pop-culture references, relatable language, and Instagram as one of her main platforms to help her audience understand confusing concepts like budgeting, saving, and investing…and actually feel good about it at the same time! Because living your best life shouldn’t be about doing something extreme and unsustainable, like living on practically nothing for years or side hustling until you burn out.

You can live your best life and still work towards your financial goals as long as you practice being intentional and well, take some of that traditional financial advice with a grain of salt.

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