October 7, 2020

[Ep. 247] Baby-Proofing Your Finances with Shannon Lee Simmons

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Ask and you shall receive! Having a guest on to talk about starting a family and what to do with your finances has been a popular request from listeners, so I’m excited to finally share this episode!

I of course thought of having Shannon Lee Simmons on the show to talk about this. Not only is she an amazing guest (listen to her on episode 151 and episode 184), but she’s also a mom and offers baby-proofing your finances services as part of her financial planning firm – The New School of Finance.

Shannon mentions in this episode that as a financial planner, she works will people all the time who come to her worried that they have to achieve a certain amount of wealth before they can start a family. But the truth is, people all around the world have kids in different circumstances, and they make it work with little or a lot! It’s all about your expectations and figuring out how to balance them with your income.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy all the things! Although having kids can be expensive, there are a number of ways you can save money and make it work within the constraints of your income. It may mean cutting some expenses or putting a pause on some future plans. But people do it all the time, and so can you.

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