September 30, 2020

[Ep. 246] Reaching Financial Independence If You’re Single with Jackie Porter

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Oh my goodness, what a week last week was! But I’ll get to that in a bit. I’ve got one hell of a guest this week though. Jackie Porter, a financial planner, author, and speaker, joins me on the show to share her incredible story of getting into financial planning and also to discuss her book Single by Choice or Chance.

Over the years of having the podcast, I’ve gotten so many questions from single people asking what should they do differently with their money? What are some important considerations they should be aware of? Jackie shares her wisdom because not only has she gone through it herself but she’s also worked with numerous clients over the years.

Ok, back to last week. Not only was the launch of Season 11 my best ever (I got the highest amount of podcast episode downloads on launch day than any other day in the history of my podcast!) but I have some very exciting news to share…I passed!

As I shared at the end of the episode, I’ve been studying all summer for the Canadian Securities Course. It’s broken down into two parts, and last week I passed the first exam. And it was tough! But it feels so good to be over and done with. Now, on to the second exam this October. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me good vibes, I really appreciate it! Now continue to send them over to me so I pass the next one!

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