[Ep. 227] No-BS Financial Education for Women with Amanda Holden

February 19, 2020

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Amanda has such an amazing story too of how she decided to become a financial educator. She was first introduced to the world of finance when she starting working for an investment firm in San Francisco. But after a few years helping the rich get richer, she realized that was not the path for her. So, she started living extremely frugally (hence why she has the nickname Dumpster Doggy) to save up enough money to leave her job and travel around South America. On her travels, she realized what she was meant to do with her career – build a business that focused on educating young women about finance and investing. This led her to start her blog, Dumpster Dog Blog, and her business, Invested Development.
In this episode, Amanda shares some of her top investing tips, how she was able to live extremely frugally for so long (and doesn’t regret it), and what #TRASHION is all about.
Make sure to check out her Instagram for some constant inspiration and check out her website to find out when she’ll run her next live online Invested Development course.

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